District 7530 Membership Chair Lois Nelson is here to help, encourage, and support your Club’s membership work and recruitment efforts, and to help prospective members determine if Rotary membership is right for them.  Club Membership Chairs will be getting  reminder/support/encouragement emails from her periodically.  We have plenty of work to do!

DG Mike has set as our goal for this year as a net increase of 38 members for our District.  That is based on our July 1, 2015, District membership count of 1100.  Each Club has been provided with it’s net membership goal by DG Mike.

For 2015 – 2016 Rotary International’s theme is Be a Gift to the World.  Let’s continue to work to make this a great District.  We do great work in our local and global communities.  Tell others.  Invite them to join and begin enjoying those good feelings we get from putting “Service Above Self.”  Ask someone to join Rotary today!

For membership-related assistance and to obtain information about becoming a Rotarian, please contact:


Lois A. Nelson

Rotary District 7530

Membership Chair, 2015-2016

304.463.4181 (ext 253)